Saturday, April 28, 2007


The sweater is almost finished. Really. I just set it down for too long this week and plan to finish it this weekend... finally! I just have to finish half of one sleeve and all of the other one. Will post a pic of the finished product when I'm done. Just imagine it until then...

Monday, April 9, 2007

Always A Sweater In The Works

That will be my new goal. I am moving on from scarves to sweaters. I wanted to make another version of my first knitted sweater anyway, and have finished the hood of one in grey.

I am stuck at the "pick up and knit" stitches for the hood/neck band. I think I remember how to do it. Contemplating whether or not I should just go on into the knitting shop today for a little help.

I am not sure who this will be for yet. I also ordered a yummy aqua blues yarn to knit my little niece a sweater for fall.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Pillow In The Room

This was in the latest newsletter that my local knitting shop sends out, and I just had to share it here. (I also have to say that I have the best in-laws ever. I love my husband's parents and his sister and her family. I also love the family my brother married into. We are very blessed in this way!)

Dear Knit Doctor,
I know you have heard tons of horror stories about unappreciated hand knitted gifts. Well, here is my contribution. Years ago I knitted an elaborate pillow for my son and his wife. It was a complex cable pattern. I went to visit them and noticed the family dog had a very nice pillow- hand knitted- by me. I decided to say nothing, but put the pillow in my suitcase and took it home with me. I now enjoy it in my home and make no attempt to hide it when family comes to visit. Nothing has ever been said about this. Sometimes I wonder if they realize that this is in fact the self same pillow. I'm actually not mad at them for not appreciating my gift. I'm really rather enjoying it myself.
Signed, No Pillow Talk

Dear No Pillow Talk,
The fact of the matter is that a hand made gift fares no better chance statistically of being appreciated than a purchased one. It is my feeling that any hand knit gift should come with two contracts. First the knitter must make a contract with herself not to become emotionally involved if the gift is not well received. Second, any hand knitted gift item should include a return clause. You simply exercised your rights under the return clause.

Dear Knit Doctor,
Years ago we received an elaborate knitted pillow from my husband's mother. For reasons which we cannot explain, our dog just loved that pillow. Every time we retrieved it from the dog, when we'd turn out backs the dog would have it again. We finally gave up trying to preserve the pillow from our dog.
You can probably guess what happens next. Mother-in-law visits. Pillow disappears. Pillow reappears in mother-in-law's home. Since then I've seen it at her house many times, but no one ever mentions the...
Pillow In The Room

Dear Pillow In The Room,
In your family there is a Pillow In The Room that no one speaks of. In many families there is an Elephant In The Room that no one speaks of. This should put a new perspective on the basic good health of your extended family life. You are all wise enough people to enjoy each other without letting small matters, like pillows, get in the way.