Monday, December 10, 2007

Hey Joe Cinnamon

I offered one of my handbags as a prize for NaBloPoMo last month and Joe was the fortunate winner! He wisely chose red for his wife- I think this turned out great. I am wondering what is up with the phantom piece of string in this picture and hope it arrives to him ok. I think I'll ask that he sends along a pic of his lovely wife with the bag!

And as for what's in my knitting basket and on the needles...

Clockwise from top (click on pic to enlarge): a blue handbag that needs new handles (those are too large), the Starlet Candy sweater- just needs sleeves and I want to have this done by Christmas Eve, Gray's camo-ish green sweater- I need to finish the body and then sleeves, my fingerless knucks glove (still on the 1st one) and a scarf for me (yummy Noro Silk Garden and Silk Garden Lite) that I just started- I am putting this above all other projects because I need a scarf!!!


To Think is to Create said...

that is weird about the rogue string!

i think that yarn for the scarf looks delish.

Shane said...

I crochet and keep my yarn in a basket exactly like the one you have pictured! I think I originally bought it as a picnic basket but my yarn quickly took it over. :)