Friday, March 7, 2008

Gray's Green Robot Sweater Progress

I've finally picked up knitting again this week after quite the hiatus. After getting so many presents done and then dealing with horrible morning sickness, I'm back in the game after unraveling the most tangled and crazy nest of yarn- see that perfect little ball now? Took me a couple days off & on to get it looking like that!

I should have this sweater finished for Gray soon- just a bit more on the body and then I'll do the long sleeves. And add my FAVORITE robot buttons!

I just have to find the pattern book to finish this off- it is in my huge hope chest full of my knitting stash... and it's locked! I need hubby to help me break into it!

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1 comment:

To Think is to Create said...

Oh yum, that ball looks so good!

Too funny about the locked chest... :)