Friday, March 14, 2008


Well, in the process of looking for the sweater pattern book (I finally found it today!) and one lone missing size 8 double point that I still haven't found- so I might have to go and get a whole new set!- I did get myself organized and amazed at how much stuff I have! Too many duplicate needles because I didn't have all this sorted out before. And this doesn't even include the needles being used for works in progress right now.

I have the entire top shelf of my hope chest sorted with needles, buttons, accessories, and patterns. The bottom is filled to the brim with yarn.

Just so I don't seem in too much excess, many of these needles were part of a Mama Barter I did a while ago.

I've been flower crazy lately. Nothing like a bouquet of needles, too.

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To Think is to Create said...

Wow! That green chunker is awesome. Does it have a partner? I've been wanting to try something with that size...

your friend, nell said...

Is it difficult to learn how to knit? I'm looking into making jewelry for dun but also thought of knitting, too.